Clark Historic Farm

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How can I support preservation efforts at the Clark Farm?


Make a Donation

Need a tax deduction?  The Friends of Clark Historic Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit group, which makes all donations tax deductible.

Attend an Event

Everything we earn at our events goes back into preservation of the farm, improvements and future events.  We are grateful for the many volunteers who make high return investment possible.  


We need lots of volunteers to make the events at the farm possible. Many volunteers give just a few hours each year; others give much more.  Whether helping at an event, or joining the leadership board, we welcome you as a volunteer! Contact us for more info.

Service Projects

Youth groups, Eagle Scouts, church organizations and families can help improve the Clark Farm.  Ask about some of our current projects and needs!


Do you shop on  Did you know that you could automatically donate 0.5% of your purchase by simply starting out on and selecting "Friends of Clark Historic Farm?" It won't cost you any more while you'll shop at the exact same places, but we will automatically receive a small donation for your purchase.  Thank you!

Leave a Legacy Gift

With the help of a tax adviser or with legal assistance, your estate planning could include a gift to the Friends of Clark Historic Farm to help continue its mission.  This could include a general bequest, life insurance, IRA/retirement funds, irrigation shares or life income gifts.  

If you have included Friends of Clark Historic Farm in your estate planning, please let us know!  We want to thank you and recognize you for your thoughtful gift.