Children’s Game Organizer (20+hours leading up to and including events) 

  • Coordinate set-up of games at events
  • Generate ideas for games
  • Prepare all needs, prizes, etc. for booths

Photographer (5 hours/month, plus event coverage)

  • Take professional quality photographs and videos of events, fully accessible by CHF
  • Curate existing and new photographs in a Google Library for use by CHF
  • Work with Social Media Coordinator to produce images/videos for publication
  • Attendance at all events, some board meetings, etc. as needed to take photos
  • Samples of work requested upon application
  • One year minimum commitment

Social Media Coordinator (10 hours/month)

  • Design and implement Social Media strategy to align with foundation goals
  • Create, curate, and manage all published content ( images, video, and written)
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users
  • Work with secretary to collate data collected from page responses/interaction and report to the Board of Directors
  • Evaluate success of Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Does follow-up posts after events
  • Answers to Director of Marketing
  • Must have excellent writing skills and experience with social media; website experience a plus

Historian (2-5 hours/month)

  • Collect newspaper articles and other printed items that could be considered part of the history of the organization. Compile a simple scrapbook.
  • Take photographs of events or collect photos of the events from others
  • Create summary of each event to record in scrapbook
  • Record attendance numbers for each event
  • Keep record of grants and awards received
  • Board of Directors member (non-voting), board meeting attendance optional
  • Event attendance encouraged, but optional

Grant Writer (15 hours/month)

  • Research available grants
  • Coordinate with board members for Farm needs
  • Write grant applications and follow up documentation
  • Must have excellent writing skills and successful grant writing experience
  • Will report to Finance Director

Current Volunteer Opportunities (Open March 1, 2o19 until filled) 

Event Committee Member (hours vary with committee)

Serve as a member of any of the following committees for one or more events:

  • Food Committee--organize, prepare and serve food when Clark Farm sells prepared food at events (20 hours/event)
  • Vendor Committee--solicit/accept applications, organize and set up vendors at events (20 hours/event)
  • Games Committee--help coordinate various activities at events (4-8 hours/event)
  • Attendant at events--sit at entrance table or help in Clark Farm "store"  (4-8 hours/event)
  • Decorating Committee--help prepare, set out and put away decorations for events (10 hours/event)

We're excited to be "Back for Fun in 2021!" The safety of our visitors and volunteers is very important to us. Covid precautions will be carefully followed according to state guidelines, including social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizing. 

Clark Historic Farm

Secretary (15 hours/month)

  • Take meeting minutes/attendance at each board and event planning meeting; provide a timely report after each meeting to all members of the board who were present or not present.
  • Email/text meeting notifications (coordinate with director)
  • Schedule repetitive tasks and event procedures—track deadlines and contact people for follow-up
  • Write thank you notes to donors, volunteers, etc.  (Coordinate with Executive Director and Director of Human Resources.)
  • Work with Social Media Director to coordinate social media posts
  • Executive Board member (non-voting)
  • Meets with Executive Board and Board of Directors meeting once or twice per month
  • Event attendance encouraged, but optional

Our Volunteers--

  • Have fun creating memories for thousands of visitors.
  • Get to know others in the community.
  • Feel rewarded by building a worthwhile community attraction.

Join the Clark Historic Farm team!

Volunteer Staff Positions (1 year minimum commitment, age 16+)

Board Positions (2 year minimum commitment, age 18+)