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Get your friends excited to join Project Barnraising when you display your sign, magnet or CD that shows you helped RAISE THE BARN! Pickup instructions will be emailed to you. Shipping available for CDs only.

  • Donate $25 for a 18" x 24" "I helped raise the barn!" coroplast yard sign with stake. 
  • Donate $10 for a classic Clark Farm Magnet (LIMITED QUANTITIES)
  • Reserve your copy of the "Grantsville Song Cycle" CD, featuring original music about Grantsville's people, history and natural surroundings.  Whether you're a long-time resident or have never even been to Grantsville, you will LOVE this music! Release date is set for early December, but reserve copies for yourself, family and friends NOW for guaranteed availability.  This is one CD you'll want to keep, including an insert with all the lyrics, background stories and songwriters.

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Donate $25 for a yard sign that looks like this!

Clark Farm magnet, $10 donation

Project Barnraising


Who will own the property on the Clark Farm after the purchase?
The 2.2 acres of property and buildings will be owned solely by the non-profit group, Friends of the Clark Historic Farm. None of the board members will have any personal interest in or ownership of the property, including any of the buildings. The remaining acreage of the Clark Farm will be owned and maintained by Grantsville City.

Where will my donation go?
All funds raised will go to purchase the Clark Farm property as agreed upon by the City of Grantsville and Friends of the Clark Historic Farm (FCHF).  Any funds raised above and beyond the purchase price will be used for improvements, maintenance and upgrades on the purchased property and buildings. Currently there are no paid employees, and everything is done by volunteers. 

Why is FCHF buying the property?

If the property is not purchased for restoration and improvement, Grantsville City will turn the property into a cemetery. The City has no plans or funds for restoration of the historic buildings. The farm represents our heritage and agricultural lifestyle that is quickly changing in our town. Without some action to preserve it, one of Grantsville's last remaining historic sites will continue to decay.  

What are the plans for the future of the Farm once FCHF owns it?

  • FCHF plans to continue to hold community events, such as Baby Animal Days, Honey Harvest Festival, Live Nativity, Farmers’ Markets, community concerts, school field trips, Kids' Historic Farm Camp, etc. and to provide the community with opportunities to use the Farm for personal celebrations like weddings, family reunions, family photo sessions, and so forth. 

  • FCHF will also restore the historic buildings, improve access to the property and install electricity and other utilities.

  • Plans are being formulated for major capital improvements, such as an amphitheater for outdoor theater productions and concerts, an indoor/outdoor pavilion, demonstration and community gardens, etc. We value your input!

How will FCHF pay for continued upkeep and improvements at the farm?

Like any business, FCHF has a business plan laid out to fund all the functions of the Clark Historic Farm, and, rest assured, the non-profit organization will continue to be financially stable. The difference between a for-profit business, and a non-profit business, is that all profits go toward the cause. Using sound principles practiced by other non-profits all over the U.S., FCHF will continue to bring in revenues from events and grants and future rental of the facilities for weddings, family reunions and youth conferences.  As with other non-profit organizations, people and businesses who support the mission and vision of Clark Farm will give support through annual memberships and donations. Caring people make communities better by supporting non-profits such as Thanksgiving Point, KUED television, Hogle Zoo and The Living Planet Aquarium. It's an investment with immediate benefits for ourselves, our families and our communities! 

Who will run the events, and plan and implement the improvements?
FCHF is a volunteer organization with all of the work being done by board members and others who want to make our community a better place. Volunteer opportunities are always available for anyone who would like to participate on any level. In the future, as our organization grows, we foresee the need to hire a few individuals to do maintenance, etc.

Is it better for a non-profit organization to own the farm than the city?

In many ways, yes, it is much better for a non-profit organization to own the historic farm.  The city has no funding--nor plan to appropriate funding--for the restoration and upkeep of the historic buildings.  A non-profit organization has more opportunities to apply for private grants for which a city cannot apply, and to raise money, which a city cannot do.  As the main focus of our non-profit organization, the farm will get our full attention and all of our funding, whereas it would be one of many, many things a city must maintain and it would  likely not be their highest financial priority.  A city is held to much higher standards when it comes to insurance, which is why the city can't allow volunteer labor (including Eagle Scout projects) for some projects.  A non-profit organization does not have the same restrictions, so volunteers could help paint, repair and improve the farm.  

Who runs the non-profit organization, Friends of Clark Historic Farm?

Our board consists of very passionate volunteers, who also happen to be well-qualified and diverse professionals.  We have a construction manager, a landscape architect, a certified public accountant, several elementary school teachers, a classical musician, a professional graphic artist, a public administrator, a historic farmer and several other very hard working individuals with varied backgrounds.  As we make plans, we also include members of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Sons of Utah Pioneers, Grantsville Performing Arts Council, Barnyard Friends Traveling Zoo and other local groups whose purposes combine well with our mission.    

If you have other questions, please contact us.

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110 People Who Care

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​110 People Who Care 
Like building a barn's foundation, the 110 People Who Care will be key to building momentum for others. The names of these people (or a specified name) will be engraved on a permanent plaque at the Clark Farm and will be forever honored as the 110 People Who Care.  And YOU can be one of them!

The idea is simple:

  • 100 people write out a check for $100 to show how much they care about preserving the farm and all its potential 
  • 10 people write a check for $1000, showing an even higher level of commitment to the Clark Farm (with larger letters on the plaque)  
  • And there you have $20,000!  

We appreciate your generosity, and you can feel good knowing that you took advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be an original donor to such a significant, long-lasting local cause that your family can enjoy for generations.  Plus, IT'S TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!  You will be provided a receipt of donation from our 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

TIME IS LIMITED--BECOME ONE OF THE 110 PEOPLE WHO CARE before October 31st! OR donate any amount of your choice!

Click the DONATE button above to donate online, or MAIL your donation to FCHF, PO Box 212, Granstville, UT  84029 with contact information.

GOAL:  $125,000

**CONGRATULATIONS, BARNRAISERS!! We made it to the benchmark goal of $82,000 for the purchase price!  Fundraising efforts will continue toward the $125,000 goal.

In America during the 18th and 19th century, entire communities came together to help a neighbor build a barn in a matter of a day or two.  Together they accomplished something that would have been impossible to do alone, and together they were building something even more significant than the structure--they were building community spirit.

Project Barnraising symbolizes the strength of a community coming together, and while we're not actually framing up a new structure, we ARE raising money to preserve a historic farm and create a place that will benefit all of us. The alternative is the land will be used as a cemetery, and the buildings will continue to deteriorate. With the incredible community spirit in Grantsville, Stansbury, Tooele and in Clark Farm fans everywhere, we are confident that together we can "raise the barn!  LET'S DO THIS!!!

Project Barnraising

Clark Historic Farm