Clark Historic Farm

Secretary (15 hours/month)

  • Take meeting minutes/attendance at each board and event planning meeting; provide a timely report after each meeting to all members of the board who were present or not present.
  • Email/text meeting notifications (coordinate with director)
  • Schedule repetitive tasks and event procedures—track deadlines and contact people for follow-up
  • Write thank you notes to donors, volunteers, etc.  (Coordinate with Executive Director and Director of Human Resources.)
  • Work with Social Media Director to coordinate social media posts
  • Executive Board member (non-voting)
  • Meets with Executive Board and Board of Directors meeting once or twice per month
  • Event attendance encouraged, but optional

Children’s Game Organizer (20+hours leading up to and including events) 

  • Coordinate set-up of games at events
  • Generate ideas for games
  • Prepare all needs, prizes, etc. for booths

Photographer (5 hours/month, plus event coverage)

  • Take professional quality photographs and videos of events, fully accessible by CHF
  • Curate existing and new photographs in a Google Library for use by CHF
  • Work with Social Media Coordinator to produce images/videos for publication
  • Attendance at all events, some board meetings, etc. as needed to take photos
  • Samples of work requested upon application
  • One year minimum commitment

Our Volunteers--

  • Have fun creating memories for thousands of visitors.
  • Get to know others in the community.
  • Feel rewarded by building a worthwhile community attraction.

Join the Clark Historic Farm team!

Social Media Coordinator (10 hours/month)

  • Design and implement Social Media strategy to align with foundation goals
  • Create, curate, and manage all published content ( images, video, and written)
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users
  • Work with secretary to collate data collected from page responses/interaction and report to the Board of Directors
  • Evaluate success of Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Does follow-up posts after events
  • Answers to Director of Marketing
  • Must have excellent writing skills and experience with social media; website experience a plus

Volunteer Staff Positions (1 year minimum commitment, age 16+)

Board Positions (2 year minimum commitment, age 18+)

Historian (2-5 hours/month)

  • Collect newspaper articles and other printed items that could be considered part of the history of the organization. Compile a simple scrapbook.
  • Take photographs of events or collect photos of the events from others
  • Create summary of each event to record in scrapbook
  • Record attendance numbers for each event
  • Keep record of grants and awards received
  • Board of Directors member (non-voting), board meeting attendance optional
  • Event attendance encouraged, but optional

Grant Writer (15 hours/month)

  • Research available grants
  • Coordinate with board members for Farm needs
  • Write grant applications and follow up documentation
  • Must have excellent writing skills and successful grant writing experience
  • Will report to Finance Director

Current Volunteer Opportunities (Open March 1, 2o19 until filled) 

Event Committee Member (hours vary with committee)

Serve as a member of any of the following committees for one or more events:

  • Food Committee--organize, prepare and serve food when Clark Farm sells prepared food at events (20 hours/event)
  • Vendor Committee--solicit/accept applications, organize and set up vendors at events (20 hours/event)
  • Games Committee--help coordinate various activities at events (4-8 hours/event)
  • Attendant at events--sit at entrance table or help in Clark Farm "store"  (4-8 hours/event)
  • Decorating Committee--help prepare, set out and put away decorations for events (10 hours/event)